janine miller

janine miller

Jul 23


Chocolate Roulade [X]

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orange20:Fairdale Parser X Civia Pizza Rack


Fairdale Parser X Civia Pizza Rack

askarsswedishmeatballs:albynet:Alexander Skarsgård in Veckorevyn magazine, 1999.Yep… you never wanted to be a donut so much, right?DEAD.



Alexander Skarsgård in Veckorevyn magazine, 1999.

Yep… you never wanted to be a donut so much, right?


Getting a lot of girls isn’t something you should be proud of, keeping one is.

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Jul 22
losvaljt:A Chemistry Joke


A Chemistry Joke


Digi-Art Tutorial: Perspective PATH tool for Photoshop

How to Install Music


Since a few people were having issues with installing music on my new themes, I decided to make a tutorial (with pictures) to make it easier. n_n;

This tutorial only applies to my themes. I know other theme makers include music options in their themes as well, but they might have different instructions. 

Also, this will only work for themes that have a ‘Music Option’ indicated in the theme preview. If a theme doesn’t have a Music option in Appearance Options, then it is not offered for that theme.

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